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What is the Confraternity of Intercessors for Priests in the Heart of St. Joseph?

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Priests are in desperate need of prayer.  Like all Christians, priests too need on-going conversion.  Without a priest's personal prayer life a priest will be unable to persevere in grace and achieve the kind of conversion that brings authenticity to his witness of Jesus.  In fact, Blessed Antonio Rosmini, an Italian priest and philosopher of the nineteenth century, wrote: "If all priests were men of prayer the entire world would be converted... Grace is lacking because the prayer of priests is lacking" (Talk to Priests, pg. 31).  The people of God must assist priests with their own prayers so that priests will persevere in grace and virtue and their vocation; that priests will respond generously to holiness of life and therefore attain deeper conversion.  Priests must be men of prayer.  Priests must be men of deep conversion and interior holiness.  Our world desperately needs this for without priests "grace is lacking."

Prayer is essential to salvation and praying for each other is an obligation incumbent upon all the baptized by virtue of baptism.  This obligation is intensified in the case of priests.  Given their vocation, they are particularly the object of demonic attacks.  Prayer calls down God's grace and protection.  The Intercessors for Priests seeks to be a community of Catholics dedicated to regular intercession for the priests of the Church in the Heart of St. Joseph.  Priests give us Jesus in the Eucharist.  Regular prayer for them is the least we can do to show our gratitude.

The particular prayer the Intercessors are committed to is prayer in union with St. Joseph.  After Our Lady, there is no more powerful or holier person than St. Joseph.  The Intercessors place themselves and entrust all priests to the pure Heart of St. Joseph, confident that he will assist priests in growing in holiness of life and purity of mind, body and spirit.

Holiness, Purity, Reparation

There are Three Intentions every member must pray for regularly, especially on Wednesdays:

  1. Pray for the holiness of priests
  2. Pray for the purity of mind, body and spirit for priests
  3. Pray in reparation for sins of priests


These Three Intentions form the very soul of the Intercessors.  It is the reason for the creation of this Confraternity.  In order to become a member one must be committed to pray for these intentions on an on-going basis.

On Wednesdays entrust priests to the heart of St. Joseph and pray for priests' holiness and purity of life.
The prayers for this are contained in the "Manual of Prayer"  

See How to Enroll in order to obtain these.

Pray the Rosary on Wednesday for the Three Intentions

How to Pray the Rosary on EWTN's site

Make some sacrifice on Wednesday for the Three Intentions.
Some example of sacrifices include: abstain from meat, abstain from soft drinks, don't snack between meals, abstain from television. 

If possible, make a Holy Hour in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament during the week for the Three Intentions
If a Holy Hour is not possible, then one should pray as long as possible in the Eucharistic Presence for the Three Intentions.