Spiritual Benefits

As a spiritual benefit of being an Intercessor, you and your intentions will be remembered every month in Mass.  We know there is no greater prayer than the prayer of praise and sacrifice of the Son, who by the power of the Holy Spirit, surrenders all He is to the Father in an act of perfect love and self-donation.  

If you have specific intentions you would like remembered in this monthly Mass for Intercessors, please write to the Intercessors or go the website and send a message from the “Become A Member” page; include your request in the “message” field of the on-line form.  For the field “subject” please write “Mass Intentions.”  These intentions will be placed on the altar.

Another spiritual benefit for Intercessors is the special protection and intercession of Saint Joseph for those who become Intercessors in his Heart.  Intercessors not only “go to Joseph” on behalf of all priests, but St. Joseph comes to you, to be your special companion as you strive to come closer to Jesus.  Have confidence in St. Joseph.  He is, after all, the man closest to Jesus.

All of these qualities are vital to the spiritual life of a priest.  

St. Joseph is therefore the perfect model for all these virtues and a perfect model for the fatherhood of priests.

Why Wednesdays?

According to a long standing tradition, Sundays are dedicated to Our Lord's glorious resurrection;

Mondays are dedicated to the holy souls in purgatory; 

Tuesdays to the holy angels;

Wednesdays to St. Joseph;

Thursdays to the Holy Eucharist;

Fridays to Our Lord's' Passion; Saturdays to Our Lady.

In keeping with this tradition, we turn to St. Joseph especially on "his day."  If Wednesday does not work out for whatever reason, any other day of the week would be suitable.

Feasts in Honor of 

St. Joseph

March 19 - St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary

May 1 - St. Joseph the Worker

The Sunday after Christmas 
Holy Family

Saint Joseph's fatherhood is an appropriate model for priests today.  His fatherhood is grounded, not in a physical relationship with Our Lady, but in a spiritual relationship.  Being the true spouse of the glorious Mother of God, St. Joseph, by divine providence, is intimately associated with the Son of God and the Mother of God and therefore with the economy of salvation.

It can be said that St. Joseph is a father to Jesus in every sense of the word, except for the physical generation.  He loved Him with a father's heart and this heart is no doubt beating with perfect love for Jesus and for those men who are sacramentally configured to Him by virtue of ordination.  Since St. Joseph was a father to Jesus, then by extension he is a father to all priests who are "other Christs."

Fathers model fatherhood to their sons.  And St. Joseph did this perfectly.  He can do so even now for priests, his spiritual sons.  St. Joseph was faithful, consumed with love for his Son and his spouse, Our Lady.  Because St. Joseph was the spouse of Our Lady and the legal father of Jesus, he was therefore the head of the Holy Family and the provider for this Family.  As prefigured by Joseph the Patriarch (see Genesis 41.35), so St. Joseph protected with the greatest care the One who is the Bread of Life, so we can be fed unto eternal life (see John 6.35ff).  St. Joseph, with his two hands, held Jesus, and offered thanksgiving to God the Father for the privilege of being entrusted with the Word-made-flesh.  St. Joseph excelled in humility, that virtue that is necessary for the other virtues to flourish.  St. Joseph was a man of silence and contemplation.  As Our Lady did, he cherished in his pure heart the communion of love he had with his spouse and his Son (cf. Luke 2.19 and 2.51).

Why St. Joseph?

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